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Supermoon 2013

06.24.13 | Category: Click, Click Got It! Photography by Bo
Supermoon 2013 by Bo Kociuba (c)

Fascinating truly fascinating...the largest moon of the year! I was waiting and waiting for the skies to clear and unveil this beauty! The wish was granted ... Yesterday,  the Supermoon was at its closest distance to the Earth. Captivating and incredible detail when I watched it through the lens. I snapped a few pics to 'catch the moment'  for posterity and to share them with my friends. [nggallery id=16]

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March Garden – Bo Kociuba Photography

04.03.13 | Category: Click, Click Got It! Photography by Bo, Everything OKLAHOMA
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MARCH GARDEN  Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.   Before all the rainy days of April the Spring was in full swing. The garden was alive ... I had a few minutes just to capture a couple images of garden's visitors and the magnificent colors of nature. Endless learning with manual settings .... geez, it's almost a rocket science! :)   It's easy to capture a fleeting moment.  Click, click ... GOT IT! Any inspiring photographers out there? [nggallery id=11]  

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